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Here’s what others are saying about Osani:


Words can’t describe how much both Frank and Sanda have had such a positive impact on my life. I have been going to Osani for the last 10 years. They have helped me through many different challenges in my life. I look back and don’t know how I would have made it through the tough times without them.

Sanda is wonderful and kind soul. Her presence is calming and I feel safe to discuss any topics that may arise. Her guidance is invaluable. I have struggled through relationships, issues with intimacy and career challenges. I have seen Sanda on both an individual level and as a couple. She is the most honest, loving and unbiased counselor I have met. Sanda has the ability to make both parties feel at ease and supported. She truly has a gift.

I am happy to report that I am in a healthy inspiring relationship and building the career of my dreams. Life has its ups and downs and it is not perfect, but I know that with the tools and guidance Sanda has given me, I can make it through anything. She is truly amazing.

The perfect compliment to the spiritual guidance is Frank’s energy work. He has the hands of an angel. I have never experienced such a relaxed state as when I have a session with Frank. I feel as though I am having an out of body experience. I definitely enter a different state of consciousness. The acupuncture and sacral cranial work bring your body back to its original state free from stress. I have seen many acupuncturists over the years and none of them compare to Frank. He is truly special. Through his vast knowledge of the human body, energy, and nutrition, he also provides you with a tailored supplement program to continue to the wellness between sessions.

Whether you are experiencing challenges in life or just want to increase wellness and deepen your spiritual connection, Frank and Sanda are the team to guide you to your desired outcome. I can’t thank them enough of everything the have done for me.

Kristine Hardig, Seattle, WA


Sanda and Frank provide conscientious, conscious guidance and healing. Sanda’s intuition is spot-on, and her integrity and dedication to service shine in my every encounter with her. Frank is a gifted healer, and like Sanda, is always ready and willing to help me transform and grow. As an intuitive counselor myself, I rely on Frank and Sanda’s guidance for my own personal issues, and I refer people to their clinic wholeheartedly and often.

Judith Pynn
Intuitive Counselor, San Francisco, CA


My wife and I have had several occasions through the years to be helped by Sanda and Frank. Every one of those occasions turned out to be a soul-enriching experience that has remained a powerful influence on our lives going forward. Sanda and Frank do so much more than heal bodies and emotional scars. They provide the foundation and the tools for making oneself whole in the very best sense of the word.

Jon & Michele Povill, Lions Bay, British Columbia


Osani is a uniquely valuable healing environment. Between Sanda and Frank, my spirit regenerates, my head shifts, and miraculously, my body recovers. Osani is my first stop whenever I’m in LA.

Joshua Leeds, Ashland, OR
Music producer and author


If you believe that your life is a spiritual as well as a physical journey, one in which the role of your health care provider(s) is to guide, empower and lead you down the path of wellness, then you will not find a more comforting environment than the one you’ll find at Osani Holistic Health Care. Nor will you find a kinder, more sensitive, more genuinely caring pair of human beings to support you on this journey than Frank and Sanda Jasper. I can’t even count the number of times that I have been relieved of excruciating pain by the magic of Frank’s needles, or the many life-changing epiphanies that I’ve experienced working with Sanda. For me, Osani is not just an oasis. It’s literally a lifesaver.

Dean Orion, Santa Monica, CA


I’ve worked with both Frank and Sanda over many years. They are intuitive, loving and practical in everything they do. They have helped me with very specific “one off” kinds of challenges, and with longer-term journeys. They are the family I wish I had – always there, ready with open arms, hot tea and a comfy chair.

Jonatha Brooke, New York, NY


I have worked with Sanda and Frank Jasper both personally and professionally for over 15 years and know them to be world class healers and human beings. Each is supremely skilled in his/her field and both maintain the utmost integrity in the their work. I have referred dozens of clients to them over the years and will continue to do so. Osani is my go-to healing center in Southern California.

Jessica Nagler,
Author & Psychotherapist, Santa Barbara, CA


My experience with Sanda has been significantly life changing. Not only has she provided me a safe space to speak my truth and explore my deepest emotions, but she has also taught me how to develop the skills and tools I need to move my life forward and to live from a place of inner power, rather than a place of fear. I have learned to be my own best friend and advocate, to set clear intentions, to make smart, loving choices for myself, and to expect the same from others.

I feel totally supported by Sanda in so many ways. While I was seeing her, I went through a difficult surgery, and she gave me a beautiful green stone Buddha to keep by my bedside to remind me that I am not alone and to promote the spiritual awareness I needed to heal, both physically and emotionally. She is a wise teacher and counselor, and I trust her sense of honesty and intuition implicitly. Sanda and Frank have both gone more than the extra mile to assure that I feel cared for and totally capable of living a healthy life. I have learned to love myself, and I have infinite gratitude for them both.

Leslie Sandler – Malibu, CA


The team at Osani Holistic Health Care has been my life saver for over 8 years. It has been re-assuring to know that throughout all of these years, I never needed to look further in regards to knowing that I am getting the top of the line treatments, supplements and overall care at Osani. I rely on Frank and Sanda for their expertise in regards to not only my overall personal health, but for my family and pets as well. It has always been great comfort having them apart of our lives. I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

Tiffany Bartolacci, Santa Monica, CA


My time with Sanda and Frank Jasper supports a healthy mind and spirit. If you are willing and ready- this pair will help to free your life from fear and live it with love.

Kate Bosworth, Los Angeles, CA


I feel incredibly blessed and so grateful that that I met Frank and Sanda Jasper. It has been a life-changing experience and I will forever be grateful to them both.

Katy Wallin, Encino, CA


Back in 1995-1996, I was at the end stage of AIDS infection. At the time, there was no viable treatment for the virus. And the infection had made me sick to my stomach. Through a combination of music therapy I created for myself, Chinese herbs and acupuncture from Dr. Frank, and meditation/guidance techniques from Sanda, I found myself climbing back out of the terrible hole I was in.

I was especially thankful for Dr. Frank’s gentle techniques, since I was frequently in a lot of pain, only some of which I even told him about. Somehow, he knew just what I needed, and each session would leave me refreshed, relieved of much of the pain, and ready to take on the week. Since my mother is a Registered Nurse, I am very aware that proper therapy is more than merely applying medication. It means a focused, sensitive awareness of the patient, especially when the patient is unable to articulate his specific needs.

Dr. Frank was also patient with me when I was angry, depressed, confused or had lost hope.

If I could, I would give the gift of Osani to everyone I know who can’t otherwise find the kind of healing and balance I found in the hands of these lovely, dedicated healers.

Steve Schalchlin, New York, NY
Award-winning composer of the Off-Broadway musicals The Last Session, The Big Voice: God or Merman? and New World Waking

I give Osani Holistic Health Care a five stars plus evaluation of excellence. Frank and Sanda and their staff are professional, caring, nurturing, competent top of the line Holistic Healers. I can always count on them to know the best most cutting edge research and products. They give so much care and attention to treat a persons Mind Body and Spirit. They have been a gift in my life for many years. I trust them completely and give them my highest recommendation.

Patricia Bisch MA, California


I came to see Frank and Sanda feeling broken and lost. Working hard with both of them helped me to heal both my mind and body, enabling me to go on and live a joyful and fulfilled life.

Nancy Navis, Glendale, CA


I feel extremely blessed to have been referred to Osani Holistic Health Care. Everyone at Osani is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I know I am feeling better because of Frank and Sanda’s help and support.

Sandy, Murrieta, CA



Here’s what others are saying about Sanda Jasper:


My work with Sanda was deep healing work that was positive and truly transformative. The healing was permanent and my life was made more whole.

Leila Connors, Santa Monica, CA


Sanda is a remarkably gifted and powerful healer. Working with her has been a truly life changing experience, for which I will remain forever grateful to her.

Irina Kerdman, Ph.D., Santa Barbara, CA


“Sanda’s unique ability to “read energy” combined with her understanding of the psychological and spiritual issues that prevent or enable self-growth creates a therapeutic environment that is powerful, safe and highly empathic. And as for couples counseling, my friends, colleagues and I call her “The Husband Whisperer!”

Sydnie R., Brentwood, CA


In my life I have experienced both great love and tremendous fear. When those two collided and the pain was unbearable, Sanda was there, helping me find the way through my fears and my self-destructive habits back to my loving self. With her wisdom and guidance I found my way. I went from allowing fear to run my life to being in alignment with my higher self and in love with myself. Words can never express the gratitude I feel. My work with Sanda has changed my life forever. I’m so very thankful.

Ronda Coallier, Studio City, CA


Here’s what others are saying about Frank Jasper:


“I’ve been going to Frank Jasper for his acupuncture expertise since 2004 and he’s wonderful! I went to him to help with my breast cancer treatment but have continued to see him to not only stay cancer free, but to keep my body balanced, whole and healthy. I’d recommend Frank very highly!”

Vicki Tashman, Los Angeles, CA
Founder, Pink-Link


I went to Frank to help restore balance in my body after long and intensive chemotherapy treatment. Frank has a gentle, genuine nature and is someone you feel instantly you can trust. I’m terrified of needles, but I didn’t even feel the slighted anxiousness or pain during acupuncture. Within just a few short weeks I was well on my way to feeling normal again. He’s so in tune that even a session over the phone was effective. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to regain balance whether you live in LA or anywhere really.

Ali Gilmore, Author of The C Card and Me – How I beat stage IV cancer (to a pulp)
Oceanside, CA


“Frank Jasper cured my painful stiff neck in just two visits!”

Yvonne Regan, Pacific Palisades, CA


It was the end of 1996 when the winds of grace blew me in to Osani and I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Frank Jasper, a peaceful and caring human being practicing the art of acupuncture with unequalled knowledge and precision. The first session was excellent and called for another appointment. On the second visit, as a result of Frank’s understanding, care and luminous presence, grace manifested in my body and mind as a deep healing by which anger disappeared, anxiety disappeared and were replaced by forgiveness, peace and a deep knowledge of the truth of the heart. A life dominated by thoughts, which were divisive, became one, which observed those thoughts as passing clouds in the sky of love, and then I could remain in the place of peace and wholeness. Thanks to that ever present grace! Thank you Frank!

Richard Schneider, Carmel, CA