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An Antidote to These Challenging and Stressful Times

Are you challenged with feelings of overwhelm and stress? Do you sometimes struggle with anxiety and/or depression? Do you simply want to have greater feelings of peace, happiness and well being? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then please read on….  I want to share with you a simple, timeless, yet very powerful practice.  When experienced …

Qi Gong Breathing

By Frank Jasper

Qi Gong breathing is recommended for anyone dealing with cancer and cancer related treatments.

To start, follow your breath:
Find a quiet place and sit upright comfortably. Place your hands with palms facing up on your thighs, your feet should be…

Low Stress Diet

By Frank Jasper

A low stress diet minimizes metabolic stress, supports detoxification, and enhances your overall health.

Here’s how to follow a low stress diet:

Hydrate the Body

By Frank Jasper

In traditional Chinese medicine, the tongue is used as a diagnostic tool. It is combined with a complete Health History and lifestyle intake along with assessing pulse and the practitioner’s evaluation of the patient’s energy in order to determine what organ/meridian systems need to be brought into balance…

Sugar, Cancer’s Best Friend

By Frank Jasper

As it turns out sugar is not such a “sweet” story after all. In the United States the yearly sugar consumption, per individual, has increased over the last two decades from 26 pounds to 135 pounds. Over this same period cancer rates have also increased….

Which Side Are You On?

By Sanda Jasper

Choose wisely…. the future of humanity may just depend on it.

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about the intensity of these times, political and otherwise. When it comes to politics she is better versed than I am, so I always enjoy hearing what she has to say…


By Sanda Jasper

My grandmother used to say, “Life is like a card game. You can’t control the hand you’re dealt, but you have absolute control over how you choose to play it.” Even though we know that we can’t really control what life brings us, we sometimes forget that we do have control over how we respond and react to what we are experiencing.