By Sanda Jasper

If at birth we were given a how-to manual regarding the rules for life, I think this would be the first rule.

I tailor my work with each client differently in order to best meet his or her unique, individual needs. There is however a consistent foundation of information that applies to every client. In fact, this fundamental truth applies to every human being, all seven billion of us. It is the fact that love and fear are the two basic energies from which we create each and every moment of our reality throughout our lives. We might even see ‘the human condition’ as being created from the entanglement of these two energies.

If there were a how-to manual below is some information that might begin to explain a little about rule #1.


  • Fear is very powerful… Love is very powerful


  • Fear is cunning… Love is wise


  • Fear separates… Love connects


  • Fear destroys… Love creates


Fear and love are opposites. As opposing forces, they create a continuum of feelings that play a major role in creating our reality. At the root of every situation, we find one of these two elements or a combination of both. Where fear is present, we experience separation; a barrier is formed between us and others, and even between aspects of ourselves. Where love is present, we experience connection, wholeness, and a conscious relationship with ourselves and others. The energy of love, the actions of love, and even thoughts of love connect us. Love is constructive. The separation of fear and the connectedness of love both create our experience of reality, each in their own manner.

Many of us grew up thinking that hate, not fear, was the opposite of love. In actuality, hate, along with anger, rage, all negative feelings and emotions result from fear and from acting out of fear. Think of fear and love not as emotions or sentiments, (but) rather as energies. Love is the energy or essence of who we are, the energy that connects the fabric of all life. Fear opposes love. The energy of fear, when engaged, separates or fragments love’s cohesiveness. We cannot see the pure energy of fear or love, only their effects. By observing these effects in our lives, we can begin to understand how love and fear are opposites.

Love connects. When you are in a loving state within yourself, you may feel peaceful, clear, and balanced. When you act from love, you feel calm and safe and create an external reality that reflects your inner feelings. When difficulties in your relationships are resolved from a loving point of view, from connection, you create win/win solutions. You have increased flexibility and are open to creatively and cooperatively exploring relationships. You have emotional honesty. Love creates trust and makes it easier for you to step out of the fear and out of the darkness of the unknown. Trust becomes stronger because you have access to your feelings and know what feels right. Love is characterized by conscious choice, empowerment and creativity.

John Lennon and Paul Mc Cartney really got it right when they wrote, “All You Need is Love”

What do you think? Do you agree? We want to hear from you.

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